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At your doorstep.

At your convenient date and time.

Verified and secured SAKSHAM Partners will attend the pickup.

A part of proceedings are spent on stray pets. We also support orphans and old age homes.

Saksham will offer a marketplace to buy Saksham’s products some of which are made with love by the orphans and people in the old age homes.

Inspired by the difficulties to recycle ONP, Saksham Skill Implementation LLP was formed in March 2017 with an objective to engage and innovate technology to recycle household scrap to ensure a safe and secure society for all while creating a proper supply chain for the supply of ONP for purchasers.

Saksham Skill Implementation LLP is known as Saksham and strives to be a major player in the paper industry, starting from recycling Old News Papers (ONP) to manufacturing paper based products, Saksham has got it all.


Saksham has a mobile application which is called as Saksham Marketplace Application. This enables every possible human to interact with Saksham and in turn sell their Old News Papers / raddi paper / kabadi paper to saksham at the tip of one's fingers. This ensures safety and security as our professionally trained staff visits you to pick up the old news papers once you book an appointment using our app.

Saksham Marketplace Application has a e-commerce platform when it offers it's users to buy paper based products manufactured by Saksham.

Saksham will expand across 10 cities in India with over 10 million users and over 1,000 Saksham Partners. Saksham has its team at the bottom of it's heart and wants to support orphanages, old age homes and pet shelters by contributing 10% of it's profit.

Saksham provides employment to the needy humans by giving them an opportunity to work from home to make paper products out of used newspapers.

Start-up Process

Our Team

CEO and Co-Founder of Saksham.

Has 15 years of overall experience in management sector.

Has 7 years of experience with startup companies such as Mpower Technology Solutions who is a major market player.

Studied B.S.C.

Chairman and Co-Founder of Saksham.

Lawyer and ex-banker with 3 successful startups.

Masters & Bachelors degree in Law from Pune University.

MBA (MKTG/SYS) from ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad.

B.E. (Computer Science) from IST Pune.

COO and Co-Founder of Saksham

Has 8 years of overall experience with 2 successful startups.

Ex-director of Global Infratech Private Limited, London.

CHE- B.Eng. Civil Engineering from City University, London.

Member of Royal Institution of Civil Engineers, London.

Saksham has its team at the bottom of it's heart and wants to support orphanages, old age homes and pet shelters by contributing a fraction of it's profit.

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