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The core of this venture is to collect used newspapers from households and recycle them, ensuring that most of the recyclable waste is disposed in safe hands. This not only allows the end users to sell their used newspapers with a guaranteed weight and price but also ensures a hassle-free pickup of the same wherein the end users have an option to schedule an appointment for the pickup as per their own convenience using the Saksham Marketplace Application on android and iOS platforms. Saksham has both online and offline operations to ensure we provide the best customer service.

Saksham will be partnering with nationwide NGO’s to support and contribute to the society. Saksham gives a part of its profit to ensure the well being of the society. Saksham organizes campaigns and volunteering programs in order to mix the society with the old age homes and orphanages. Saksham teaches the members of the old age homes and orphanages to make paper bags out of used newspapers and then passes them into the supply chain to ensure that these organizations get a good profit.

Saksham has created a supply chain management solution for purchasers who require ONP supply. We're fully equipped to handle and supply Old News Papers (ONP) to Purchasers as we have a constant collection of the same.

Considering our growing clientele, we are expanding our warehouses and operations in metro cities. 

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